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Just want to share my latest video, about the Zarks Burger that can be found in SM Bacoor. I hope you like it guys. I would love to hear from you about your comment in this VLOG 🙂


I am happy to announce that I have finally completed my first ever E-book about investment. This is a How To E-Book about investment which teaches OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) on how to invest while living in countries outside the Philippines. The E-book cost $11.99 and I believe the money is really worth. This E-book will be a manual of the OFW investor.

You can get a copy of the book through this link –

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Investment Guide for OFW-eBook Cover

Investment Guide for OFW (Step by Step Guide for Newbie Investors)

This is a book written for newbie investors who would like to start investing, but does not have any idea about investing. The writer is an OFW from the Middle East. It is just like a One Stop Shop for Investing Information as an OFW.

Here is the Table of Contents

Figures and Table List iv
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Why Do We Need to Start Investing
Chapter 3: Types of Investment Available for OFW
Chapter 4: Skills Needed to Start Investing
Chapter 5: Risk Associated in Investing
Chapter 6: How to Avoid Risk in Investing
Chapter 7: Checklist of Documents Needed in Investing as an OFW
Chapter 8: How to Start Investing
I. Mutual Funds / Stock Market
III. Pag-IBIG Funds
Chapter 9: How to Monitor Your Investment
I. Mutual Funds
II. Stock Market
IV. Pag-IBIG Funds
Chapter 10: How to Add up Your Investment
Chapter 11: Keeping Your Investment Mindset
Chapter 12: Give It Back To God
Definition of Terms
Annex A: How to get your TIN (Tax Identification Numbers)
Annex B – Types of Mutual Funds
Annex C – Advantages in Investing in a Mutual Fund
Annex D – Mutual Fund Companies Contact Details
Annex E – Blue Chips Companies of PSEI
Annex F – TO DO LIST while in the Philippines


We just like to inform you that we have some updates on our partner blog, we blog about the Cebu Pacific 100 Lucky Juan Contest which we details about the updates of the contest, we have also blog about the latest updates for the LBC Toll Free number where we give details about the new methodology of LBC in getting new customers. In addition we have mentioned also the new Special Prices for Riyadh Lady Center. So it has been a busy month from our partner site Best of Riyadh. We hope that you could have some time to comment or share our post in social media sites.

Are you looking for an Insurance Company + Health Care + Investment? Then I could suggest having Kaiser Long Term Health Care Policy, it’s broker and sole distributor International Marketing Group (IMG)

It”s unique because it’s investment component is guaranteed at 7% per year in its accumulation period. There is also a medical coverage   for the first 15 years but of course subject to the type of policy that you will get.

Kaiser is first in the Philippines and is widely accepted all over the Philippines. It is good to have Kaiser because it will be used for your preparation on your old age. the investment part of your payment with Kaiser can be used as a support to your retirement fund.

Should you need further information, the link above will show you every information that you need about kaiser.

Being Financially Literate is a choice that every Filipino should try to consider. Ever since that I started learning about Financial Literacy I have started sharing my thought through my newly made blog, Pinoy Investment Guide, which I blog last week.

I just want to inform everybody that I have found a new company whose AIM is the same as mine, and I believe with their vision to make every Filipino Financial Literate. At the same time they could also increase my cash flow through commissions that I can get by offering different company within their umbrella.

IMG, also known as International Marketing Group, is a financial solution company. I could say that they are a one-stop shop for financial investment which could lead to Financial Security.

IMG conduct Free Seminar, to those who want to learn the basics of Financial Literacy, but ofcourse deeper study about finances is only for members.

I have detailed my experiences and reasons in joining the company through my other blogs as follows:

International Marketing Group (IMG) Review and Earning through IMG and Blogging .

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I just want to let you know that I am now into investing. And I am sharing the information that I learn and I read through my newly formed blog ” Pinoy Investment Guide “, The blog aims to educate other people and my friends about Personal finance and Investing. I aim to teach people on the proper way of Investing as well as giving warning about the mistakes that I have done in investing. I also shares book reviews and my thoughts about savings. I hope to educate more and more Filipino into investing. 

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