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Being Financially Literate is a choice that every Filipino should try to consider. Ever since that I started learning about Financial Literacy I have started sharing my thought through my newly made blog, Pinoy Investment Guide, which I blog last week.

I just want to inform everybody that I have found a new company whose AIM is the same as mine, and I believe with their vision to make every Filipino Financial Literate. At the same time they could also increase my cash flow through commissions that I can get by offering different company within their umbrella.

IMG, also known as International Marketing Group, is a financial solution company. I could say that they are a one-stop shop for financial investment which could lead to Financial Security.

IMG conduct Free Seminar, to those who want to learn the basics of Financial Literacy, but ofcourse deeper study about finances is only for members.

I have detailed my experiences and reasons in joining the company through my other blogs as follows:

International Marketing Group (IMG) Review and Earning through IMG and Blogging .

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