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It looks the same.. Ha ha ha..

Hi. Would you be willing to write an entry about OFWs? If so, do mail me.

Yup I am willing..

please visit us….and share with us to improve our site..Congrats you have a beautiful weblogs

Hey Rexted,

Good day.
Thank you so much for the link exchange for the past few months, I’ve now got my blog “Rock Your Vote” a domain,
Kindly assist to change my blog address in your blogroll. Rest assured, your link is always added to my blog.

Many thanks & cheers,
Rock Your Vote
Review Column

My name is tauseef i came to Saudi 4 months back on a visit visa for a company on a probation period and due to their negligence as they did not renew my visit visa on time and they have paid 10,000Sr penalty and now I do not want to continue the services with them and I do not want to come back on a employment visa with this company, they are forcing me to work with them and asking may to pay the fine for renewal if I do not want to work, Please advise me as I have heard that working on a visit visa in Saudi is illegal so if they force me to pay the penalty where can I go in Riyadh/Dammam to complain against them and whose help can I seek for as they are also not paying my salary as committed.

Please reply at the earliest… its urgent

My name is Sreekanth I came to Saudi on Employment visa very recently 1 month back , I am working as a Business development Executive however my company has provided me a labor category visa, I am willing to discontinue my services with this company ASAP as they are not up to their commitments and creating lots of problems for me daily, please suggest me a way how can I go back but the important point is I also want to come back with a different company as I have better offers in hand., Please advise soon

Dear Sir,

I Want to know how to feel saudi labour low for forieng employee

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