An Expression of Myself


Thanks to the following Visitors who share some views with my post.


Mapua Ownage


decaffeinated coffee breaks
Live Life Love Linkage
Pinoy Money Talk
Pinoy Blurker
Armorer’s Codex


Think On It
Bible Discernment

I wish this will be a big list 🙂

19 Responses to "MY VISITORS"

hey whats up, I’m dre im going to add you to my links
and hope you can add me to your blog roll. Keep it moving
Im over at

Done you are now included in my Blogroll and Link List. Thanks for the Link that you have made from your site.

Done the linking already. I added you to my blog rotation 🙂 Thanks for the link by the way..

@ Talksmart
Thanks for your very fast reply to my request to be added on your Blog Rotation. I will be waiting for my chance to be added on the weekly poll. 🙂

Hey Rexted whats up man, hope everything is ok with you, my blog is really taking off man. Thanks for the link again. I like your site too keep up the good content.:-)

Thanks brick for the visit. I am also dropping by at your wordpress website.. Kepp the Good Work I like those colorful Pictures..

iMuchas Gracias Tambien! 😀

Thanks Nightfox 😀

your site is very informative ive just started my own blog can i add you to my blog rotation,
im at

sorry ive put your own link, im here

greetings In Christ name,
just want to thank God for your life and for your wesite especially the praise and worship, and news, you just don`t know how much it did help me and for sure gonna share it with my friends. being here in canada you just miss oppurtunity to have news about country,esp in this busy country but thank God he lead me to your site, and what agreat help. for sure God will reward you more,God bless

@ Truth
Thanks God that there is again one sould that had been blessed by those Praise and Worships ong lyrics. A comment like yours gives me more eagerness to blog. Praise and Worship songlyrics is my most favorite blog among all. To God be the glory.

hello! Dexter Panganiban? Mechanical Engineering graduate? from Mapua? hmm. just wondering. o.O ayesha baito , classmate?

ako nga po. naniniguro lang din ako kung ikaw yun classmate ko. haha. 😀

I saw your blog and like it

I hope you will consider my blog as a link

Most Kindly

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