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Gerry And Lheen Special Tapa and Longganisa

Posted on: December 12, 2012

Be informed that I came from Taal Batangas, I grew and spend my elementary school at Taal. I have lots of friends and relatives on that place. At this time my parents live in Taal and they have their own business, which I would like to promote here. I am referring our very own Tapa and Longganisa Store. In fact i have made a website that discusses great things about Taal Batangas. ( ). My parents store name is Gerry And Lheen Special Tapa and Longganisa, so if you will be able to visit taal, don’t forget to try out the Best Tapa and Longganisa in Town, only from Gerry and Lheen.

You may Contact them thru the following contact details

Taal Public Market Phone # 0063-43-4081504

Mr Gerry and Lheen Cel # – 0063-916-7905898

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