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Are you looking for an Insurance Company + Health Care + Investment? Then I could suggest having Kaiser Long Term Health Care Policy, it’s broker and sole distributor International Marketing Group (IMG)

It”s unique because it’s investment component is guaranteed at 7% per year in its accumulation period. There is also a medical coverage   for the first 15 years but of course subject to the type of policy that you will get.

Kaiser is first in the Philippines and is widely accepted all over the Philippines. It is good to have Kaiser because it will be used for your preparation on your old age. the investment part of your payment with Kaiser can be used as a support to your retirement fund.

Should you need further information, the link above will show you every information that you need about kaiser.


Be informed that I came from Taal Batangas, I grew and spend my elementary school at Taal. I have lots of friends and relatives on that place. At this time my parents live in Taal and they have their own business, which I would like to promote here. I am referring our very own Tapa and Longganisa Store. In fact i have made a website that discusses great things about Taal Batangas. ( ). My parents store name is Gerry And Lheen Special Tapa and Longganisa, so if you will be able to visit taal, don’t forget to try out the Best Tapa and Longganisa in Town, only from Gerry and Lheen.

You may Contact them thru the following contact details

Taal Public Market Phone # 0063-43-4081504

Mr Gerry and Lheen Cel # – 0063-916-7905898

Yesterday when I was reading the Business News from Inquirer.Net I came across to this post regarding on ” How to break free from Personal Debt ” as follows :
Last updated 08:47am (Mla time) 11/14/2006

DEBT is one of those things in life that can be seen as good or bad. It’s good when it’s used to invest or purchase things that give a higher return than the cost of borrowing (interest). It can be seen in a bad light when it becomes so big and monstrous that you can’t seem to handle it anymore.

The truth is, you have control over the amount of debt you get into. If your debts seem enormous and daunting, try these tips to manage your debt and get out of that rut:

Who among us does not have any debt nor had debt before? I don’t think there is. Well if we are going to check it out. It is really our problem and not anybody’s problem if you are buried with debt. Sometimes we tend to be rich where in fact we are not. Below is an excerpt of their suggestion.

1. Keep control of your cash flow and plan ahead.

2. Avoid making short-term debt a long-term habit.

3. Protect your credit history.

4. Use debt constructively.

5. Evaluate whether you need to go into debt or use cash.

6. Ask if you really need it.

7. Tighten your belt.

8. Grow your income.

All I pray now is that all my credit card debt will be paid with in this year.

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If you are a beginner in blogging or beginning to love internet as your hobby, You might as well consider earning from your hobby.  While doing some research, I came accross to this site called below are the categories that the Author have that might give you an idea what it contains. The categories itself will explain you what is this site’s contain.

    • Adsense & Revenue Sharing
    • Advertising Networks
    • Affiliate Programs
    • Blog & Website Promotion
    • Blogging for Money
    • Earning with Social Media
    • Get Paid to Complete Offers
    • Get Paid to Game or Search
    • Get Paid to Surf Programs
    • Image & Video Sharing
    • Link Selling & Advertising
    • Pay to Post Forums
    • Sell your Content & Images
    • Sharing Knowledge for Money
    • WordPress Hacks & Plugins

Having paid advertisement on your blog is not bad, But you have to consider Lorelle VanFossen post at Blog Herald regarding  ” Busting Blog Ad Clutter ” according to her

” My eyes hurt scanning the page looking for the words of wisdom I knew would be there. I had to poke and scroll around looking for the magic words. Finally I found them, under 6 rows (and 8 ads) between the header and the content.”

Really it is very annoying to get too much advertisement in the page. I totally agree with her points on her post.

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A note from Russelle S. Trinidad, of on their e-mail for ” SME BizLink Vol. 27 No. 4 January 22 118th Issue “, which have a very nice comments she noted for year of 2007.

Sharpening Your Edge

This year is expected to be an exciting one for SMEs, with new opportunities to grow the business. To help boost sales, entrepreneurs will need to sharpen their competitive edge.

Check out the competition. Visit their stores, real and virtual. Try out their products or services. Read their ads, annual reports and publications. Do this with regularity.

Do things differently. Being different could mean better faster service, extra-friendly, accommodating staff, discounts for repeat customers. The list could go on.

Give away free stuff. Everybody loves a freebie. Get people to try your menu by offering free samples. Provide free information downloads from your website or volunteer your time as a resource in community events.

Focus, focus, focus. Companies like coconut-based resins supplier Kemwerke, Inc. and Orange Juice clothes boutique have earned success by concentrating on specialized or emerging niches in the market.

Talk to your customers. Solicit ideas from your buyers to try to shape your product or service to better meet their needs.

Embrace Technology. Haven’t got a website yet? It’s about time you did!

Keep honing that edge to razor sharpness.

Above points are all relevant in  making your bussiness succeed this year, and I believe that her last note regarding technology, will play a major role. Since marketing is one of the key to a successful business.

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Ever wonder why your credit card balance is moving up and having a higher interest rate than your expected 3.5% ? At first it is my understanding that whenever I pay the minimum amount I am on the good position but later I found out that paying the minimum amount gives extra income with the credit company. It goes like this

Whenever you pay for on Minimum Amount it only means that you have a balance credit so the Credit company will put some interest on it. The sad part is the moment you use your card while you have your balance it automatically increase some interest on the same day ( Nope you don’t have to wait for the deadline before it gives interest ) The computation will be like this

Balance x Interest = Previous Balance

Purchase amount X Interest = New Purchase

Previous Balance + New Purchase + Credit Shield = Billing Amount

Have you not seen that  the percentage interest is higher than the 3.5% that they have promised . It is higher because of the above explanation. Try not to use your card within One month and the bank will give you only 3.5% Interest + Credit Shield.

Hopes this help to present Credit Card Users. I am using my card for about 8 years and it is only late last 3 months ago that I notice this. So be wise on using your Credit Card.

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Are you an OFW like me whose thinking of having a business someday when you retire? I think Entrepinoys Blog will help you think of what business you may be willing to start.

It is a blog of fellow OFW whose objective is to evangelize people about business. It has lot of resources with regards to business in Philippines. It has also some links connecting to Philippines agency which will be very helpfull in fulfilling your dreams having a Bussiness.

The next question is , Does Philippines is the best location to start a Bussiness? or rather it is better to find some other location outside Philippines to do some business. In the television being shown here in Filipino Channel there are also lots of Filipino becoming very successful doing some Bussiness even outside the Philippines.

For example here in Saudi Arabia there are some Filipinos becoming a Partners of Saudi to start a Bussiness. Some Failed and some becomes successful. I have seen one via TFC in Dubai and in US where Filipinos is selling Pandesal and becomes successful.

Well I thinks it is still depends on the Entrepreneur on how He is going to handle his Bussiness even it is in Philippines or outside Philippines. But I do believe nowadays Internet plays a Major role in having your business be advertise if you are targeting a national buyers.

You may try to visit my other Tech Blog

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