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Do you need results for  Dentist board exam for may 2008, Well I cannot provide it here but i Would like to refer to you to other site whom I know can give those information about Dentist Board exam result for may 2008. I am talking about Philippine ( PRC ) Board Exam Results Site You can get the the latest information about the results there.

I would like to share you some thoughts on how you could scan your computer for free while surfing the net. Check out my post regarding Nanoscan.. Furthermore Did you know that you could have an online  3D Avatar.. so check my post regarding Meez ( An online 3D Avatar )

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I am currently doing an SEO campaign for this coming Valentin Day.. You may check it out on my main Blog why I intentionally make it in a wrong spelling.

SEO is fun and I love it. My Tech site gives some good information with regards to experience I encounter while studying the way how Google Think.

I recently join other blogger into a SEO Contest for the Keyword, I don’t know if this will work? but at least I tried. I hate to see  DVD and CD in the market because it degrades my wife, My mother and daughter. So help me with this one. If you have blog just check  and join us here. By the way it will also works like Viral Tagging, Because every post that you will make , I will update the list.

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