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I just want to let you know that I am still blogging, But most of my blogs is not in but in my self hosted blogs. I am now doing great and earning thru Google Adsense and Other income revenue site. I am now promoting my new site that is giving information about the November 2009 NLE PRC Nursing Board Exam Results as well as my new Personal Blog @ Dexter Panganiban .

I will still update this blog from time to time specially if there are new projects that I am doing. God Bless You all


I have been providing Free PSP Games Download in my other Blog, but a reason made by the Search Engine, it is now nowhere to be found in the Search Engine. Well It is too sad since I am having lots of visit from my other blog with that search. Anyway I just like to invite you to my other blog who are providing Free PSP Games Download.

As of this post i have already uploaded about 6 Free PSP Games ready to Download. So I hope this Free PSP Games Download post will make up in the SERP.

I have been testing the newly roll out Google Labs in Google Main Pages and suddenly after typing tech I found a sight named techsatish I was amazed with that site since the site has lots of searches in the internet . And I was amazed since all the tech related words that is showing in the search bar are familiar with me except this techsatish . So if you want to know my investigation about it you can see it at my main blog. Just press the link and you will be redirected over there. I have also gave some explanation at my other Personal SEO Site

Happy Blogging

I am just surprised to see that nobody seems to post about the upcoming fight of Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista Vs Eden Marquez Fight Results | Replay | You Tube , Because Usually like what is happening with Pacquiao Fight, 2 weeks before the fight you can already see lots of information regarding the fight. Well It seem that Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista is not that as Popular as Paquiao.

Anyway I would like to invite you at my Other site’s post [ Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista Vs Eden Marquez Fight Results | Replay | You Tube ] I will updating that post regarding the fight result and other schedules that you need. You can use that post to comment. I am closing the comment section of this post.

Long leave the Filipino Boxers.

I just want to inform you that I have found another keyword to optimized it is called scary maze game the keyword has lot of potential for new visitors to my site.

So if you are looking for scary maze game you can just click those links it will direct you to my  other site. Well I do not endorse those kind of games since I think it will not be good for kids.

Anybody needs, Cheap Car Insurance Online well i don’t have it, neither my other site. I am just testing these keywords since as per some information in the net these keywords are highly paid by AdSense, Can anybody attest with this ? Anyway I will know this as soon as my post will be crawled by Google.

I have seen a new keyword Gambar Pemerkosaan in SEO Forum. I tried to make a hidden post. And I was amazed that I am now in the first page of the serp.. Anyway I have posted about without knowing about the keyword 🙂 weird. But one thing I have found out that it is related to Indian Star.

But I wonder why there are lots of searches about this keyword. Anyway whatever Gambar Pemerkosaan I hope it will give me new visitors that might be interested in my blog 🙂

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