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I just want to tell you that my wife is finally blogging, She has a General Blog at the moment and she is trying to study how this blog thing function, You can visit my wife blog at

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So hope you like it. It is still under Construction.

This only means that any car is vulnerable to accident, even an expensive cars. So why should I buy one. I’wll just buy Toyota or any affordable car.


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This blog is in response to Engtech question on why did I start this blog ? . This all begins when we don’t have too much projects at the office and my relatives are always calling me to check my our new born son Daniel and my two kids Micaella and Kyle. This is because they miss us a lot . :). So I have decided to learn blogging and start blogging about my family, their achievements, and anything that puffs at my mind. So that my relatives in Philippines will see what is happening on us across the sea.

Things work well and slowly I learned a little about blogging and it’s opportunity to earn from here. ( Although It is not possible here in – I made another one ” Technology at hand ( ) ” )  I had explored the world of blogging , and therefore the categories and Tags of my blog expanded so I decided to blog also about Technology here as well as Tips and Trick I use.

It is really fun to blog, specially when someone response to your question. ( I really love it when there is a new comment đŸ™‚ )You can express yourself with regards to your opinion and comments in different things around the web. But still I believe that blogger has a responsibility to be true to their self.

Now I blog about Family, Technology and Philippine Election 2007 and making a project here and share my picture here and getting excited when my stats is going up. So why don’t you explore this blog by pressing those site search tags. And if you want to have an exchange link with me just drop me a note at dexfamily[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Yesterday when I was reading the Business News from Inquirer.Net I came across to this post regarding on ” How to break free from Personal Debt ” as follows :
Last updated 08:47am (Mla time) 11/14/2006

DEBT is one of those things in life that can be seen as good or bad. It’s good when it’s used to invest or purchase things that give a higher return than the cost of borrowing (interest). It can be seen in a bad light when it becomes so big and monstrous that you can’t seem to handle it anymore.

The truth is, you have control over the amount of debt you get into. If your debts seem enormous and daunting, try these tips to manage your debt and get out of that rut:

Who among us does not have any debt nor had debt before? I don’t think there is. Well if we are going to check it out. It is really our problem and not anybody’s problem if you are buried with debt. Sometimes we tend to be rich where in fact we are not. Below is an excerpt of their suggestion.

1. Keep control of your cash flow and plan ahead.

2. Avoid making short-term debt a long-term habit.

3. Protect your credit history.

4. Use debt constructively.

5. Evaluate whether you need to go into debt or use cash.

6. Ask if you really need it.

7. Tighten your belt.

8. Grow your income.

All I pray now is that all my credit card debt will be paid with in this year.

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I just wanna thank OFW-Connect for including me in their directory. It is an information hub for an ofw which includes the following.

  • OFW Information
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 To my fellow you might want to visit the site.

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It’s another weekend. By the way for you who do not know here in Saudi Arabia our weekend is Thursday and Friday unlike Philippines which is Saturday and Friday. Today is a special weekend because we will get the result of my child performance at school. This afternoon. I hope they are still on Top. đŸ™‚ but whatever be the result. I do always remember Romans 8 : 28

Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Chow.. Happy weekend for us here.

While browsing my feeds from TechCrunch I found out this interesting article regarding knowing your relatives family Tree. Here are my comments with regards to the site :

  • It is easy to join this site but why they are not validating the email address before proceeding ? This will be a sure entrance for spammers and hackers.
  • They don’t even ask the new members to write some verification code while doing Registration.
  • Since it is a requirement to have your email address in registration how safe it is from spammer considering the first two question I have raised above.  

I hope that these security issue could be answered by Geni for the user to have a happy tracking of their relatives and not just giving their email address to the hackers that might come to this site. Although the site is cool đŸ™‚

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