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Yes in the heightened technology week I may say because of “2007 International CES” and “MAC World”, Google releases  Google Earth 4 last January 8,2007. Google Earth is one of the tools which is very helpful in our office. It help us  visualize the Work Area. With the proper coordinate and Presto you can locate the exact place . One thing more we can eve estimate the distance and obstruction we may see on site. So I suggest you start upgrading your Google Free Edition with version 4 for whatever purpose you may have I think it will help you.

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Well as I m checking Google analytics I have found out that when you search the word Mapua Ownage from Google you will site my blog on the first list.

Viva Mapua..

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Do you wanna learn Primavera i suggest you visit Planning it helps me a lot with the technique they are sharing with the new members and with the forums they are making. I suggest you this site.

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I am glad to hear that aside from Mapua Online there is Mapua Ownage which is there from 2000. Thanks to the anonymous guy that leave the message about the Mapua Ownage.

Mapua Ownage shows forums which discuss different matters about Mapuan’s life whether student or professional. Keep up the Good Work

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Mapua Online is back

Well for my fellow Mapuan the Mapua Online is back. It is maintained by a Mapuan who call himeself Polgas . And also the Mapua Free-mail is still Online. Thanks to those dedicated Mapuans whose aim is to unite the mapuans globally.

While I am browsing the Internet for the Engineering Standards that I need for different Valves and Pressure I went to The Piping Toolbox site which contains Piping Systems and Applications! – Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design as follows :

• Codes and Standards
• Corrosion
• Design Strategy
• Dimensions
• Fluid Flow and Pressure Loss
• Heat Loss and Insulation
• Pressure Ratings
• Temperature Expansion
• Valve Standards

Hope this help to my fellow Engineers in need of Website like this.

Do you want free subscription of Magazine visit just put some information and if you are qualified they will go bak to you and say that you are approve. This is very useful to Middle East Professionals.

You may also want to subscribe to which can give an electronic copy of Construction Magazine which contains news for Contruction, New Innovative Equipment and Plants etc.. for your future reference.

Since information from this sites are free why don’t we grab it.

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