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There are lots of e-mail uses nowadays, We use email to communicate to our friends and to our co employees and different business partner all over the world in just a second. There is big difference in communication technology 15 years ago compared today. It is good that there are lots of free e-mail providers that can be used.

So here are the links which explain further the importance and function of different free communication sites.

  1. – they provide free email but they earn through different advertisers that advertise in their company.
  2. – it is one of the pioneer in free e-mail service in the net. I actually have account that is already more than 10 years.
  3. facebook – it is one of the fast growing way of communication nowadays.
  4. SMS – short message is also a great way of communicating.
  5. Social Media Sites
  6. Twitter – A You can send message with 140 characters only.

Good Day…

I just want to let you know that I am still blogging, But most of my blogs is not in but in my self hosted blogs. I am now doing great and earning thru Google Adsense and Other income revenue site. I am now promoting my new site that is giving information about the November 2009 NLE PRC Nursing Board Exam Results as well as my new Personal Blog @ Dexter Panganiban .

I will still update this blog from time to time specially if there are new projects that I am doing. God Bless You all


Lots of people are looking for SSS Online Inquiry , maybe they want to be inform on the payment that they have made to SSS. And of course to know if ever there are are some crooks who are trying to go into system. So better be inform or be sorry.

There are lots of ways to check the SSS Contribution Inquiry it might be online or offline. There are offices that could immidiately tell if your updated or not. In Saudi Arabia riyadh, You can go to batha.

So to all of you looking for ways to get their SSS Online Inquiry check my links above for any updates.

We just finished our  morning session of Blogging 101, my attendees My Son, My Wife, My Daughter , My ” Hipag ” and her Friend.. An interesting session and lots of question from my daughter and Son. Specially when it comes to making money in blogging 🙂

Just want to inform that we are now having our vacation in cavite and we will back soon in Saudi Arabia. It is also great that I have attended iblog5 and hope to be here again during iblog6 🙂

Starting today I will make this blog as a Micro blogging blog. That will only mean you can see short post at this blo.

I just like to promote my new sites as follows

Watch TV Shows Online – A site that deals with different Video Streaming and and Online TV Shows that can be viewed all over the world

Sports news – This is a new site that will deal with different sport’s news , Tips and Other things about, basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Cricket and Others

Watch Video Online Streaming – This is an SEO blog that will try to give my viewers to watch different Video Online Streaming available in the net. I am just going to help you compile those available resources

Free PSP Games Download – As the name goes, it will give you free Psp games download , themes, cheats and other things as long at it is about PSP.

So you know now why I am busy 🙂

Today was really a busy day for me, Lots of work and work and work, Need to have a break…. I will go vacation soon and I am really excited 🙂 . So Philippines here I come. 🙂

God Bless You all

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