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A New Keyword " Gambar Pemerkosaan "

Posted on: June 24, 2008

I have seen a new keyword Gambar Pemerkosaan in SEO Forum. I tried to make a hidden post. And I was amazed that I am now in the first page of the serp.. Anyway I have posted about without knowing about the keyword đŸ™‚ weird. But one thing I have found out that it is related to Indian Star.

But I wonder why there are lots of searches about this keyword. Anyway whatever Gambar Pemerkosaan I hope it will give me new visitors that might be interested in my blog đŸ™‚

5 Responses to "A New Keyword " Gambar Pemerkosaan ""

I have been puzzled by Gambar Pemerkosaan. It is very interesting to me that a phrase with such a high amount searches has very little information written about it on the Internet. What are your thoughts?

Well it is said this is just a hoax, to perpetuate the mystery so that everyone will go to his page and click on his ads.

Well if he is profiting off it, so can we. I hope I am not too late in trying to optimize for this keyword. Hehe.

Gambar pemerkosaan is actually in indonesian language mean “rape picture”
pemerkosaan= rape
in indonesia rape criminal was increased last year, so many people were interested with it and search for the pic at google

Now i know thanks for the information


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