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Posted on: June 21, 2007

I have been very busy this fast few weeks with my work load at the office. There were lots of new projects came and I have to organize everything so that everything will be in control. And thanks God little by little every project is being done.

My kids already started to go to school again, Kyle now is in Kinder and Micaella is now at Grade 2. The best thing is I have to pay only the Miscellaneous fee for Micaella since she is a scholar. Daniel is also fine and starting to have his tooth. Daniel is also started to crawl and stand by his own, But not walk by his own.

For my blogging community since Election is finished I am now trying to put my into a Philippine Current Events blog focus on the Senators and Congressman elected. So that it may be a reference in the future election.

My is still update at least twice or trice a month and if I have more time I am updating it frequently.

Right now am I more focus at my  which has made a good standing this fast ew days because of the Viral link that I have joined. I am now included in the top 100 Philippine Blog mention in So I think this where am I now.

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