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Just Take Care of my Eyes

Posted on: June 6, 2007

It is a story of a blind girl wherein after her boyfriend donated his eyes to her, Without her knowledge. The girl refuses to marry him, because He is blind.

It is really tragic that most of the time when People change their physical qualities their inner being also change.

2 Responses to "Just Take Care of my Eyes"

hello rex. this is what i call Irony. I have experienced this a lot of times though not only with my love life but among friends as well. I had so many friends but most of them changed, some for the better other for the worse. but i learned a lot from these experiences. before I was devastated, but finally accepted that human nature is sometimes fickle. It is only God who is our constant friend, companion and LOVE ONE for that matter. I’m so glad that by now I am able to accept things beyond my control. đŸ™‚

Yes Blue It is really Ironic. Sometimes you give it all but in return after days ad passed they will just forget what had happend. it is just like our Lord Jesus where most of the time people tend to forget what He did for the Cross to save our sins. And You are right it is only God who is our constant friend. Who is willing to give his life for His love for us.

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