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My Niche blog is doing great

Posted on: May 15, 2007

There is really a reason for me to be happy .. Why? Because of the election season. Where in one of my niche blog ” ” which dedicated in giving information about the ongoing Senatorial elections received a very good visitors from yesterday till this moment. And of course adsense is kicking high that is already equivalent to my mont earnigs of the same blog. My rank now in rise from 75 to 31 as of this moment.

My Sitemeter Stats goes up for the last 2 day.. I feel like I got digg. not by digg but google and yahoo since my sute has been optimized to the election keywords.

 Now I am planning to convert the Election Site to the Philippine News Site that will cover NEWS which relates to the works and updated NEWS about the Different Senator and Party List System in the philippines. God Bless You.

Thanks to you guys who keeps on visiting my different blog site.

2 Responses to "My Niche blog is doing great"

you’re blogs are the best. always looking forward to your weekly/bi-weekly blog updates. RSS feeds from your blogs eat 15% of my netvibes page for a reason.

Thanks Keikun.. Probably i will be having a weekly updates in here.. A little bit busy in work.. Grabe.. God bless You..

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