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My First Cheque from Google

Posted on: April 29, 2007

Whooaaahh.. I just received my first Cheque from amounting to US$ 114.79 for 2 mos of blogging at below is the breakdown on how I get this earnings.

The Philippine Eleksyon 2007 takes 49.43% share on this cheque. This blog is being updates daily. This covers Jan 29,2007 till March 31,2007.

The Song Lyrics takes 48.59% share and this is being updated every 15 days at least. And since this is a song blog lots of people is searching for it’s content that is why even if it is not updated there are still some clicks and pageviews everyday. This covers Feb 8,2007 till March 31,2007.

The Technology at Hand takes 1.98% since I just monetize this blog for some time. I seldom update this blog. Maybe after the May election on which my Halalan Blog covers, I will concentrate on this blog and start monetizing again.

The reason why I put this cheque is to show to the public that Adsense is really paying.

*****Update ****May 6,2007

The cheque has been changed to cash yesterday. The bank ask for SR 10 Commision.

You may try to visit my other Tech Blog

18 Responses to "My First Cheque from Google"

grats on your first adsense cheque 🙂

got my first adsense cheque last january and i used the secure delivery which ate 25USD off my first cheque >_>

how about you?

I used the Secure delivery also. And since this is my first I am little bit excited to get it even it will only amount to 116 USD after charges. Maybe next time I will hold it and wait till it become a little bit larger.

Are you getting monthly?

I was not able to blog regularly while in Philippines that is why I did not get 100 this month.

how come it is in Saudi Riyal [SAR]?? does it mean you have to open a Riyal account??

congrats!! 😀

Nope.. Last 2 days ago I have endorsed it with the Bank stated in the cheque. Probably by today it will cleared and given to me. If I have an SAR Account it will be much more convenient for me. But I don’t have

monthly 🙂
but i received this disturbing email from google about invalid clicks… i reckon it’s because of the massive people with the same IP (most of my site’s visitors are mapuans who rent computers at internet cafes near the school during their break) clicked on the ads.

i feel king o` guilty though, for tricking people into clicking those ads by having the text links blend with the color of the background/layout.

Oooww how sad to hear about it. Well I do hope you will not be banned by adsense

wow congrats dude! pagpapala yan galing sa Panginoon! hope by Gods grace monthly tanggap kana ng cheque from Adsense 🙂

Text adik ,
Thanks for visiting. I do hope. Pero next month di ako makakatanggap medyo nag laylow ako dahil nag vacation ako fro 3 weeks

not bad for your first check! Sweet!

Actually I got a total of 2 cheques.. and looking forward to the third one I just pass the 100 mark yesterday

congrats. how much do you earn from adsense per day? any estimates?

Well actually right now I earn about 1.5 a day.. That is why normally i have 1 check every 2 mos..

congrats guyz sa mga adsense checks ninyo 🙂

im so happy to know about your adsense income thru blogging. I do receive monthly checks from Google Adsense but most of them are not thru blogging but from my other information websites.I really hope to learn how to earn through blogging too.
I still have lots of things to learn about this stuff.

Thanks Leah.. You migh want to visit my other blog for other tips regarding earning and blogging

[…] do hope all goes fine. I posted the details here . It is mainly from Praise and Worship Song Lyrics and Halalan-2007 Blog earnings. I stop using […]

[…] do hope all goes fine. I posted the details here . It is mainly from Christian Song Lyrics and Halalan-2007 Blog earnings. I stop using Adsense in […]

Cpngratulations on your first adsense check! I will about to get mine next month I think since it already reached $100 mark! But it happened after 8 months of blogging. Too long…
I salute you for being able to get it for just 2 months.

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