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What Am I doing here?

Posted on: April 8, 2007

Well I am enjoying my vacation. Lots have changed during my last vacation last year. The minimum fare is now PHP 7.00. and the gasoline is PHP 40.00 per liter. The Traffic doesn’t change at all. It is still congested. 🙂 .

Some says that today is the Easter Sunday. Well on my belief today is the resurrection day of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eventhough nobody knows the exact date of His resurrection, it is still nice to commemorate the day of His Resurrection.

But for me I do believe that Christ should not only be remembered during this season but all thru out your life.  God bless You All.

2 Responses to "What Am I doing here?"

too bad a LOT of people only recognize Christ’s death and resurrection on the cross during Holy week 😦
and most of them don’t even know the real reason why he died on the cross and came back to life 3 days after 😦

after this week a lot of people are going back to their old ways 😦

A bit late reacction Keikun.. But you are right .. People should recognize the hardship of Christ has done for us to save us from Sin

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