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REVIEWME Affiliate Program

Posted on: March 14, 2007

When I saw Abe’s post regarding ReviewMe! I immediately applied for it,At first just for fun and I just want to try how much my blog worth. And when i am finished they have given me $40. But of course I do not know if this is allowed with that is why I e-mail them immediately and ask if if I could participate with this program, and below is their response

Update: 15 MArch 2006 , With reference to the comments by Mark. The correspondence has been misunderstood. Well I commend the very fast action of mark. Now Definitely the Reviewme for is not permitted. as a result of this converstation I immidiately removed all the links going to review me.

So with this e-mail . I could put my badge at  the right portion of this blog.

Your blogs worth depends on your Alexa ,Technorati rating and RSS Feeds. So if you have a higher rating on that mentioned site definitely you will worth high.

Frankly speaking I do not know if their would be somebody to ask me to be reviewed. But if there is.. I’ll be happy to do it.. đŸ™‚

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7 Responses to "REVIEWME Affiliate Program"

Please ask me for my permission before doing anything with any communication I send you.

Reviewme is now not permitted. My email was as a result of a misunderstanding.

The email I sent has been superceded.

Ok I will Immidiately removed all this Reviewme sign at the side.

[…] wait, check this trackback to my blog about the ReviewMe affiliate. The support guys from WordPress says “ReviewMe is okay, […]

[…] from to blogspot. I once tried to ask if I can use it for review me and they replied a big ” NO […]

Move your blog to Blogspot and then you can make all the money you want with your blog. =)

Well Actually I now owned self Hoseted WordPress and I also have lots of blogspot blog.. This is my first blog before

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