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My New Blessings

Posted on: March 11, 2007

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lots of blessings you have! a new camera, then a holiday in april. hope you enjoy clicking away, esp during the holida!

I do hope sexy mom, It is a very good camera. I am starting to learn how to use it.. read…read…read… 🙂

the cam looks sexy so googled it up…



Nice Research Mapuaownage…

i should prolly stop using the “mapuaownage” name in my replies. for some reason it just doesnt feel right…. lol

anyway, im using my trusty o`l Sony Cybershot (6.0 Megapix) which is ancient compared to yours XD

Canon EOS 400D features
• 10.1 effective Megapixels
• APS-C size 22.2 x 14.8 mm CMOS image sensor
• Focal length of 1.6x
• Dust removal system
• 3 frames per second – maximum of 27 JPEG or 10 RAW
• 9-point auto focus system
• 2.5-inc LCD monitor

… 5 years ago, 3 megapix was already awesome…

@ Keikun .. So you have change your reply name now huh..

Actually when I go to a shop selling this cam I have inquired about EOS 350 D but they have told me that this have a bettr feature compare to that. And by research through the net I have found out that this camera is better than 350 D.

Canon EOS 350D
* 8.0 MP
* 3 fps with up to 14 image burst
* E-TTL II flash system
* 7-point AF
* DPP RAW image processing software
* Separate RAW/JPEG image recording
* USB 2.0 Hi-speed/Video Out
* Compatible with EF/EF-S lenses/EX Speedlite flashes
* PictBridge compatible

yup, thats a huge difference…

and im quite intrigued about what the DUST REMOVAL SYSTEM can do (which is presend in 400D and not in 350D)

Well actually technically speaking I really don’t know. But that is a feature that the vendor told me, Aside from the fact that it 400D has a higher Megapixel.

now that you have a new cam, why dont you try doing some photo manipulations and rendering… 🙂

congratulation on your new camera , next wish list would be a camera lens…

Maybe after Studying the full features of this Camera. Dami pala eh 🙂

@ Keikun,

I am actually starting to study Adobe Photoshop.. This might take some time.. I have lots of work now here in the office

Enjoy it, it should take some great photographs. Just don’t stick it in low res mode after you paid for that 10Mp sensor. 🙂

Thanks James for visiting.. Your right.. That why I have this 80 GB. External Hard Disk..

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