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When An OFW get sick

Posted on: March 10, 2007

It is about 4 days now that my son was not able to go school because of the viral Infection on his throat. It is very hard for my wife since she has to attend always.

I remember the days when I was only one here without my family. There was a time that I got sick and nobody to lean on to take care of me. It is always the case when an got sick on their workplace away from the family.

It is good if your roomate has some pity on you that he will prepare your food before they leave to work. But what if you don’t have anybody with you in the room. Because you are leaving in a special accomodation. Nobody will know that you are sick. It is good that there are mobile phones now, in just one call anybody in the camp will be notified that you are sick.

It is hard to get sick overseas, You have to cook even you are sick, You have to do laundry works and you don’t have anybody to talk to since all your friends are on their own work.

So it is good and I am blessed that my family is with me here đŸ™‚

6 Responses to "When An OFW get sick"

you are really blessed. essence of family is being together. and yes, it is really difficult to be sick and alone. there must be so many OFWs around the world who are lonely…we can just hope that their families here appreciate the sacrifices they make. đŸ™‚

Yup.I am really blessed to have my family here. That is why in every decision I make particularly with my job. I always consider my family. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

I pray that your son Kyle gets well soon. Yes, I assume it is hard for an OFW to be all alone from his/her family. But I suppose, one is never truly alone if he/she has faith in God (makes loneliness bearable).

Thanks fruit for the prayers. I agree with you. that if you have faith in God you will not be alone.

How’s Kyle doing?

It’s really hard if an OFW will get sick.

For me, I’m alone here in Singapore. I have one Singaporean housemate who I seldom see because his work requires him to be out most of the day. Luckily, I only get mild headaches, a fever at worst. I miss my family back in the Philippines. Hope we can be together sometime soon.

Well actually he is now ok. Thanks God. I have also some friends / school mate leaving in Singapore and He is with his family. So why don’t you bring your family there?

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