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Overseas Filipino Workers

Posted on: March 3, 2007

Do you know what OFW means ?

  1. An OFW is a Filipino workers who chooses to work outside Philippines.
  2. An OFW is a Filipino workers who chooses to leave their love ones in the Philippines to get a bigger income outside the country.

And now the question is as follows :

  1. Why do some OFW does not succeed in their goal?
    • I think one of the reasons is the misconception that everyone outside the Philippines has lots of money. Well infact I know some OFW which tries to send all his income and then after that, He will just budget the small amount that He have for the whole month. In which most of the time He cannot buy a decent food for himself. ( but ofcourse His family does not know this )
    • Some OFW is addicted in gambling. On my previous company I have seen a coworker with lots of Jewelry on his hands and neck and then after 3 days when I ask him where is his Jewelry. He just told me that it is all gone because of gambling ( Poor People )
    • There are some OFW on which when He goes out of the country his primary goal is to help his family but when he reaches that country what He did is finding another partner that will just drain his finances. ( The looser here is the family in Philippines )
    • There are some OFW that with the small mistakes of the Employer, They will just resign because of their EGO ( Now after coming back in Philippines what will you do? )
  2. If there are OFW who does not succeed, Is there anybody succeeded?
    • Of course there are lots of OFW succeeded. You can see lots of big houses in Manila Subdivision being made by OFW Family.
    • There are some who have even put some business after his retirement.

Now do you still want to be an OFW?  Why not just always remember that whenever you step at the airport , Your family is waiting for you.

What classification you fall in this category. Do you succeed or not? Share it with us. And let me hear from You.

2 Responses to "Overseas Filipino Workers"

so sad…filipino families are fragmented now because of this OFW phenomenon. i have written a post about this, you might be interested to read it.

Sexy Mom, Thanks for the visit I am sad that your friend Michelle chooses to leave the country instead of her husband to go out, Anyway I wish her all the luck and as what you have said on your post. We hope that someday they will be together. Thanks for the visit

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