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My Banner for Philippine Eleksyon 2007

Posted on: February 18, 2007

Above picture will be the banner that I will be using for my “Philippine Eleksyon 2007” blog. This is a blog regarding the Philippine Election that will be held on May 2007. This blog was made to be a source of information for my fellow Overseas Filipino Worker ( OFW ).

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5 Responses to "My Banner for Philippine Eleksyon 2007"

Good luck with your elections blog. I hope the OFWs vote in bigger number this time around.

Just dropping by and checking out the Pinoy blogosphere! May I invite you to visit my blog at Thanks!

Thanks Ivan for visiting. You have a very good and informative site.. Actually since I like Your site I added it on the link page đŸ™‚

speaking of election, have you listened to the podcasts in

Thanks again for visiting ..

Not all, but I will find time to listen. I have already blog about this at my election blog.Here are the link for all podcast related blogs that I put on my “Philippine Eleksyon 2007 ”

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