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Posted on: February 10, 2007

In response to Abe’s post on how to check my Blog Growth I have tried to check it one by one.

  • Feedburner Subscribers. = 4
  • Alexa Rank. = 2,336,048
  • Blog Worth. = US$ 15,242.58
  • Blog Juice. = 1.8
  • SEOMoz Page Strength. = 2.5/10
    • Links pointing to full URL: 1059
    • Links pointing to domain:  3906
    • Position at Google for first four words of title tag on target URL:  Not in top ten
    • Age of Domain: Data not found
    • Links from domains with .edu TLDs: 0
    • Links from domains with .gov TLDs:  0
    • Alexa Rank : 2336048
    • Domain name visibility A count of results at Google for a search for your domain, showing URL visibility rather than incoming link count. Source: Google 96
    • Number of links according to Technorati : 678
    • Number of search results for URL search at 1
    • Listings in DMOZ (ODP) :  0
    • Links found in Wikipedia : 0
    • Google Pagerank of full URL and Domain  Source: Google Full URL: 4 Domain: 4

This data will serve as my basis after 3 mos from today on how will this blog grow. đŸ™‚ and I hope it grows fast. đŸ™‚

1 Response to "My Blog Stats"

You can now keep up to date with your Blog Juice score. I’ve created a WordPress plugin to display an auto-updating score on your blog. Pointless maybe, but now even more accurate!

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