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Posted on: February 1, 2007

Let me share the new Internet application that I have found. – This is a website which aim to make a website diagram editor.

HelloSoft VoIP Technology Licensed by Skype – Latest News about Skype

Teapotters 3D Sharing – If you want to share your work in 3d and want to animate it I think this is the place for.

Above links are the latest addition on my Techathand ( Technology at hand ) blog. So why dont’ you visit my blog to see some other Techy News.

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About Us
Why Does 5LINX Offer a Fundraising Model

Many people have asked this question. Considering that today’s fundraising often puts the supporter at a disadvantage, 5LINX sees an opportunity to change this.

It all started on April 11, 2001. I approached one of the co-founders, Mr. Jeb Tyler, about developing a fundraising program to help organizations throughout our communities. To my surprise, I received a resounding “Absolutely, we would be interested”. This was significant because all previous companies I offered this concept to were close-minded and didn’t recognize the tremendous opportunity to support community development by creating cause-marketing relationships.

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