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Blogger wins $700,000 from Apple

Posted on: January 31, 2007

Winning from a battle which involves a blogger ( Electronic Frontier Foundation ) and a Giant company APPLE is not an easy thing. This only proves that bloggers have same right as journalist. And I am very happy to know that a blogger could win $700,000 from a big company such as Apple. With this scenario, Giant companies will have to think it twice before filing any case to a blogger. This will serve them a lesson. You can see the report of J. Angelo Racoma at Blogherald.

But I am just thinking. Is it also possible that this things will happen in Philippines? Is there enough provision in the law with regards to this Arguments? Hello Congress and Senate maybe you have to look at the new age. And be prepared if this happen to us.

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I like this blog thing you people have going here!

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