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Having Money Online but Beware

Posted on: January 24, 2007

If you are a beginner in blogging or beginning to love internet as your hobby, You might as well consider earning from your hobby.  While doing some research, I came accross to this site called below are the categories that the Author have that might give you an idea what it contains. The categories itself will explain you what is this site’s contain.

    • Adsense & Revenue Sharing
    • Advertising Networks
    • Affiliate Programs
    • Blog & Website Promotion
    • Blogging for Money
    • Earning with Social Media
    • Get Paid to Complete Offers
    • Get Paid to Game or Search
    • Get Paid to Surf Programs
    • Image & Video Sharing
    • Link Selling & Advertising
    • Pay to Post Forums
    • Sell your Content & Images
    • Sharing Knowledge for Money
    • WordPress Hacks & Plugins

Having paid advertisement on your blog is not bad, But you have to consider Lorelle VanFossen post at Blog Herald regarding  ” Busting Blog Ad Clutter ” according to her

” My eyes hurt scanning the page looking for the words of wisdom I knew would be there. I had to poke and scroll around looking for the magic words. Finally I found them, under 6 rows (and 8 ads) between the header and the content.”

Really it is very annoying to get too much advertisement in the page. I totally agree with her points on her post.

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