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Lorelle at Blog Herald

Posted on: January 23, 2007

When I read Blog Herald this morning I saw that Lorelle-VanFossen is now included in their list of Authors. Well I think Lorelle’s inclusion in their list is a very good move from Blog Herald staff. Not only because Lorelle is very popular among users ( because she is using the same ) but the way she writes is excellent. And I just found from their  Introductory post the following :

She’s an accomplished author, public speaker, and consultant on web writing, web design, web standards, accessibility standards, and blogging. In fact, she has written over a thousand articles on WordPress, bloggging, web design and development. She also travels the world as part of the duo team of VanFossen Productions, professional nature photographers and writers presenting workshops and programs on travel, writing, and nature photography.

It is another reason why to keep in touch in Blog Herald Site.

7 Responses to "Lorelle at Blog Herald"

We’re doing the best we can to make it better and better.
Thanks for noticing! 🙂


Welcome Mr. Tony. Keep up the Good Work. 😀

Wow! Thanks for the nice warning for Blog Herald readers. 😉

I’m really excited about working with such an amazing group of writers and bloggers. I’m at their feet eager to learn.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Well I will always be watching the good stuff you will share at blogherald

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