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Posted on: January 22, 2007

A note from Russelle S. Trinidad, of on their e-mail for ” SME BizLink Vol. 27 No. 4 January 22 118th Issue “, which have a very nice comments she noted for year of 2007.

Sharpening Your Edge

This year is expected to be an exciting one for SMEs, with new opportunities to grow the business. To help boost sales, entrepreneurs will need to sharpen their competitive edge.

Check out the competition. Visit their stores, real and virtual. Try out their products or services. Read their ads, annual reports and publications. Do this with regularity.

Do things differently. Being different could mean better faster service, extra-friendly, accommodating staff, discounts for repeat customers. The list could go on.

Give away free stuff. Everybody loves a freebie. Get people to try your menu by offering free samples. Provide free information downloads from your website or volunteer your time as a resource in community events.

Focus, focus, focus. Companies like coconut-based resins supplier Kemwerke, Inc. and Orange Juice clothes boutique have earned success by concentrating on specialized or emerging niches in the market.

Talk to your customers. Solicit ideas from your buyers to try to shape your product or service to better meet their needs.

Embrace Technology. Haven’t got a website yet? It’s about time you did!

Keep honing that edge to razor sharpness.

Above points are all relevant in  making your bussiness succeed this year, and I believe that her last note regarding technology, will play a major role. Since marketing is one of the key to a successful business.

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