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Social Linking Hack

Posted on: January 18, 2007

Here are some tricks and modification for you to be able to use Archaeoastronomy Script even in or other WordPress Platform. ( I have not tried it with blogger maybe I will leave it to the readers. 🙂 ) . If you want to do this follow the steps that I have mentioned below:

1) Point the mouse at the Java Script that was made by Archaeoastronomy

2) Right Click and Copy the Java Code

3) Open Wordpad ( I said Wordpad and not Microsoft Word ) and Paste the code there. see below screen capture.

4) Look for the url that you made before as highlighted with red at the above picture

5) Press Ctrl H ( Edit >> Replace ).  In ” Find What ” box , Type the URL you had made before.  ( it is mark as red on above pictures as an example )

6) In “Replace With” box, Type the URL of the blog where you want this to be applicable example my new URL will be so that I can use this in posting to

7) Press “Replace” button.

7) Then Press Ctrl A ( Select All ) then Ctrl V ( Paste )

8) Point your mouse to your toolbar and then Ctrl V ( Paste ) 

9) Then rename your script by pressing right click Properties

So this is my modification at Archaeoastronomy Social Links Post . But that is not enough friend, I have another one that will make your day happy. Since I am using Live Writer I am thinking How I can use this one without putting Slug post as discussed to Archaeoastronomy post so I tried to study the script he made and make some alteration on his system and it goes like this:

  • When Pressing the Script that was made for you. You will be asked to put stub. So instead of putting stub on you post at the dash board you may do like this
  • If your Post Title is “Social Linking” you have to put it as ( Social-Linking ), or if your post Title is “My WordPress Hero ” you have to put it as ( My-Wordpress-Hero ),   the technique here is you have to put “-” in between spaces because that is the wordpress default on naming your post address.

This Trick is tested using Firepox Version and Live Writer Version 1.0.1 (6) and it works fine :). It is tested in and

Disclosure : I am not a Java Script Programmer. I just know how to play around with my computer. So don’t ask about JAVA Script 😀

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5 Responses to "Social Linking Hack"

To tell you the truth Rexted, I barely understood that! 😦
I am not that familiar with blogging system since I’ve always been using WP installed on my own host 🙂

Well actually is a free site of WordPress. This is what i am using now since I don’t still have my own host. 🙂

You’ve got a really great informative blog! I have always been technologically challenged. But now thanks to blogs like yours I am coming out of the dark ages. So much so that I have started a small article site similarly themed, called.Computer Tips.Come and visit if you get a chance. Keep up the good work !

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