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Filipino Businessman

Posted on: January 16, 2007

Are you an OFW like me whose thinking of having a business someday when you retire? I think Entrepinoys Blog will help you think of what business you may be willing to start.

It is a blog of fellow OFW whose objective is to evangelize people about business. It has lot of resources with regards to business in Philippines. It has also some links connecting to Philippines agency which will be very helpfull in fulfilling your dreams having a Bussiness.

The next question is , Does Philippines is the best location to start a Bussiness? or rather it is better to find some other location outside Philippines to do some business. In the television being shown here in Filipino Channel there are also lots of Filipino becoming very successful doing some Bussiness even outside the Philippines.

For example here in Saudi Arabia there are some Filipinos becoming a Partners of Saudi to start a Bussiness. Some Failed and some becomes successful. I have seen one via TFC in Dubai and in US where Filipinos is selling Pandesal and becomes successful.

Well I thinks it is still depends on the Entrepreneur on how He is going to handle his Bussiness even it is in Philippines or outside Philippines. But I do believe nowadays Internet plays a Major role in having your business be advertise if you are targeting a national buyers.

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This is a great article for Pinoy OFW who are willing to establish a business in the Philippines.

With this, I would like to share the following information:

Anyone here who is a FILIPINO ENTREPRENEUR that would like to venture on the PRINT SHOP or COPY CENTER Business? Maybe I could be of help to you. The best advantages for this business is that it is never a fad, the product that does not spoiled unlike food business though you have to count your depreciation expense for your machine. Also, for as long as EVERY INSTITUTION requires hard copy or paper documents for each transaction, you will always have customers!

For more details, please contact 09154209153 or e-mail at Please include your name, adress (area at least) and contact number for my reference and to speed up the sharing of information to you about this business. You may also visit my blogsite, or you!



I know this mail may come to you a surprise, since we have not known or written before. I am Frank Mark, I am contacting you on behalf of myself and my younger sister Joyce, We are an orphans.Nationality: Benin. Our late Father Mr Lawrence Mark was a successful business-man whom before his untimely death , was a Cocoa and Diamond Merchant based here in Benin Republic.Both our Father and Mother were poisoned at a party organised by one of his business associates.
Before he died in a private hospital here, my Father called me and told me that he deposited the sum of US$12.5m (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand American Dollars), in a bank here which he used my name as next of kin to deposit the funds as the only son.Due to the problem that have arised in our family between my late Father’s brothers over who should
control his wealth and subsquent death in the family, I have decided with my younger sister to transfer this funds overseas for future investment after we finish our education.

We want to leave here and come over to your country to live and continue our studies, because our lives is no longer safe here. We have heard from a reliable source that they are planing on how to retrieve all the
documents concerning the funds from us, so that they can claim the funds.
Before contacting you, we have spoken with the local bank manager and worked out modalities on how to transfer the funds to your country.
Please, we humbly seek your assistance in the following ways:1- To assist us in transferring this fund quietly into your account in your country. 2- To serve as the guardian of this funds since I am still in the university
and my younger sister is still in the college.

3- To make arrangement for me and my younger sister to come over to your country to further our education and to help us secure a residential permit in your country. Moreover, we are willing to offer you any agreed (percentage) out of the total funds as compensation for your efforts/input after the successful transfer of this funds into your nominated account
overseas, while some percentage will be set aside to offset any expenses
we may incur.

4- Furthermore, you can indicate your option towards assisting us as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within the shortest possible time. NB: Please, if you are interested to help us, contact me
immediately after you read this proposal so that I may give you more detailed information how this transfer could be carried out. However, I wish to hear from you to know your decision concerning this proposal. please We are expecting your urgent responds.

Yours Sincerely,
Frank and Joyce Mark

I agree that success of the business depends on the person who handles and manage the business. If that person knows the techniques and strategies in the business world then the chances to have a successful business is high but if that person doesn’t know anything then better have first the knowledge in business so that your money wont be wasted.

Well, being the right person is one aspect for success. But I do believe that for a business to be truly successful, the entrepreneur must be the right person at the right place (business vehicle) at the right time (trend).

The entrepreneur must have the capacity to solve BIG problems, because that is pretty much what business is all about; solving problems with a product or service.

may tama ka

Have a Blessed Day,
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Our company is offering LOANS FOR SELF-EMPLOYED, DOCTOR’S, PROFESSIONALS & EMPLOYEE`S. Our product does not need any collateral, co-maker and has no cash out.
We look forward for a business relationship with you. We facilitate and expedite the process of every application. Thank you and have a good one.

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· Duly filled – up application form
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· 3 official Receipt of Clients /Patient
· Latest Utility Bill
Ms. Joy Pagsanghan
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