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Useful Microsoft Excel 2003 Tips

Posted on: January 15, 2007

Here are some of my tips regarding Microsoft Excel in addition in the Tips I have shared before

Should you want to transfer from a sheet to another sheet you have to use the following formula

[Ctrl]+[Page Down] – To Transfer next Sheet to the right

[Ctrl]+[Page Up] – To Transfer next Sheet to the Left

Are you tired of pressing F2 and going to the formula bar or editing from the cell itself I suggest You use the below mention shortcut..

[Ctrl]+[~] – It will show all the formulas hidden in a cell.

Update ( Corrected by a Dave – Thanks 🙂 )

[Ctrl]+[`] – It will show all the formulas hidden in a cell.

Do you wanna know what is a value of a certain cell while you are editing in another sheet or even in the other file as long as it is both open. I think your quest is finished you just have to use the below tools

Tool>>Formula Auditing>>Show Watch Windows = [alt]+[t]+[u]+[w] – It will show a certain cell for reference

For the mean time this will be for today. Just keep on visiting if you want more..

10 Responses to "Useful Microsoft Excel 2003 Tips"

How about OpenOffice? 😀

Thanks Nightfox for visiting.. I Think OpenOffice is not within my range of knowledge. :). See you soon..

Just read your post on viewing the formulas in Excel 2003. You showed the shortcut ctrl+~. Shouldn’t that be ctrl+` (grave accent)? It’s in the same key.

Actually what you have mentioned [ctrl+[`] is an equivalent of F2 but what I am trying to share here is [Ctrl]+[~] that will show you all the hidden formulas in the worksheets. Not in only 1 cell. Try it and let me know if it works for you.. This method is cool whenever you are being handed by worksheets which you did not make initially.

Ooopps I stand corrected I think you are right that it should be [ctrl+[`] since this is on the same key.

[ctrl+[‘] will be an equivalent of F2

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thanks dude.. tips were cool… u helped me save a looooot of time

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