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Avoiding Internet Phishing

Posted on: January 13, 2007

When I open my E-mail this morning I have received an email from Citi. and when I check it out it shows that I have to visit a site and update my details as follows.

Senders Email Address :


But I have a doubt with this one because it does not come from the official E-mail Address of Citibank who used to send their announcement. I just try to click it out and then Firepox started to warn me that this page has been reported for forgery.

Firepox Warning!!!!

This is why I like Firepox rather than IE. I feel more secure. I have posted this as a warning to my reader that not to just point and click your mouse into a not secured website.

3 Responses to "Avoiding Internet Phishing"

Actually the new IE version also warns you of phishing sites. Here’s an article about it:

Fight the phishing sites!

Still, like you, I preferto use Firefox rather than IE.

Thanks Pinoy for visiting the site. We really need to be aware of this Phising Site.

At school I had a problems accidentally coming across porn and other malicious websites when I looked up information for my papers. Recently, I came across a company called which blocks sites that phish and have pornography on them. The great thing about this site is that its free. Its a DNS service so there is no firewall or software!–Just a thought

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