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Why do Men Drink?

Posted on: January 9, 2007

While visiting Chris’ blog ( Rock Your Vote ) I came to this question and doinks blog.

Pondering Notion

Why do men drink?
a) Simply just to get drunk
b) To get better sleep
c) To make idle conversation
d) Business needs
e) Depression/Stress/Worries
f) Men are natural born alcoholics

Then I begun to reminisce the past while I still drink a lot during college days. Well on that time I begin drinking because of fun and because of friends tease and later on became one of my past time.  At my first 2 years of working in Philippines I do it because of friends and Business needs.

I even have an experience riding in a jeepney from Intramuros till  Monumento which I supposed to drop at Blumentrit Station ( Half of the Total Journey I had made ) because I fell sleep while riding the jeepney. And one time I have to go down immediately in a taxi because of vomiting. It’s a thing from the past which I don’t want to be repeated 🙂

When I become a Christian, and learned that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, I realize that what I am doing in the past is just a waste of time. I begin to laugh at the humiliation I had during those day with my fellow jeepney riders :).

For me my  benefits for not drinking is as follows :

*  My family is happy to see me not drinking. which gives me more time with them.

*  I save some money

*  No more headache because of beer. 🙂

My answer is “c) To make idle conversation” what is yours. I am no 59 in the list. Just go to Chris’ blog and  finished his 100 votes to get the final result.I hope this answer some of May Leng’s Question on her blog. 

7 Responses to "Why do Men Drink?"

Hey Rexted, that’s very nice of you doing such a friendly linkback.
I owe you a big one, mate. It’s so touching. Thank you so much.

Well, to me, drinking not only is a waste of time, it’s a waste of money too.
I spent too much on drinking, thank God, I already quit, and I only social drink.

**Thanks again**

Your most welcome It is fun to see a unique blogsite such as yours. God Bless You..and the good thing we both save some money 🙂

Hi Rexted,

Well said. I too, have my share of overdosed liquor. I guess it’s a path all teens have to go thru.

Thanks for the friendly link.


I think your right doink. Thanks for visiting..


hi hi ..i’m back !

blogger party ? hehe ..

My friendly post link back to you … check out my closure post on the beer subject. =)


Yap.. Actually sad to say . It’s in Philipines and not here 😦

i really love to drink a lot it gave me an unnatural

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