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Praise and Worship Song Lyrics

Posted on: December 20, 2006

This is to inform you that I have mad a new blog ” Praise and Worship Song Lyrics “ my reason in making this site is to share this Lyrics to my fellow Christian around the world who has who needs resources. The site has English and Tagalog song.  I would appreciate if you can drop by and leave some comments for me to improve the site. God Bless to you all. and I hope this site will be a blessing to You. Visit us also at

6 Responses to "Praise and Worship Song Lyrics"

inform the YFC guys about it :), i could do it myself but i think you can do it better than me

here ya go :

my brother is a pianist in our humble little church in bambang, maybe he can contribute something, i’ll go ask him about it later

I made an additional thread on that part of your forum

I think if you can make one maganda rin kasi medyo mahirap ang resources dito sa lugar namin kaya kailangan din ng additional resouces. Sa ngayon mga tagalog muna then follow ko yugn mga english Later on.

yep, mahirap talaga yung situation mo diyan sa saudi ngayon… there are many great tagalog songs, i’ll try to contribute cguro pag may free time ako.. right now kelangan ko muna tapusin ung pinapagawa sakin dito sa part-time job :

This specific blog, “Praise and Worship Song Lyrics
An Expression of Myself” was fantastic. I’m creating out a reproduce to
present my personal associates. I appreciate it,Darla

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