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Saudi Life

Posted on: December 18, 2006

Saudi LifeLet me share this to you it was forwarded by my friend with caption like this

Life in Saudi Arabia
Once you are converted @ 10th year , you will continue to serve remaining period of life without any complaints.
So just try to complete 10 years

When I first saw this I was lauhing at it, but when you are about to dig the real meaning of this you will gonna ask yourself. Do I have to attain 10 years as an Overseas Filipino Worker ? Is it worth to leave far from your family. This are just some question pop at my mind, well for me I am bless to have my family here with me but how about others who where staying here for more than half of their life? Is it because of our economy? maybe it is. All I can say is I let God control my life. That’s it.

2 Responses to "Saudi Life"

Jesus Christ Dex….am no longer exist on that diagram. My 30th year in KSA is fast approaching!.hehehe
Shhhhhh! please don’t publish that!

Ha ha ha .. Hey Butch thanks for visiting.. đŸ™‚ I do hope that when you reached that year you will be sitting and relaxing in Philippines already.. I am on my 7th year

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