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Micro Machines

Posted on: November 27, 2006 {Group Tests: Micro Machines}: “Micro Machines

by Jason Saundalkar

If you want to continue working when you’re outside the office or simply want a device that will also let you surf the web and reply to e-mails, a PDA (also known as a Pocket PC) or smartphone is required.

PDAs and smartphones differ in a number of ways. The most noticeable, usage-wise, is that PDAs feature touch-screens, that are usually used with the help of a stylus. As such, PDA operating systems (OS) such as Palm OS or Windows Mobile 5.0 (for Pocket PCs) are designed with touch-screen interaction in mind, whereas Mobile 5.0 for Smartphones doesn’t support touch-screen interaction. “

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In God’s Time I will have one of this gadget.

3 Responses to "Micro Machines"

awww i want one too…. :

OO nga You have to graduate First. When you have a descent work madali n ayan and specially if you are working outside Pinas. Thanks for always dropping by.

[…] new blessing has come!!!! It was a Wishlist before .Actually my Nokia 3230 broke down. That is why i decided to buy a new one. I-mate PDAL. Below […]

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