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2nd Quarter for School Year 2006 – 2007

Posted on: November 10, 2006

Last Thursday we went to school to get the result of 2nd quarter for this school year and I am very glad to announce that Micaella is still the Top 1 among her class and Kyle Dexter is still 4th from His class.

But that day is different since the top notcher was not shown in the front gate. at micaella’s Room it is posted on their Door so when I saw it, I and my Wife were very happy. But for Kyle Dexter’s Room it is not shown in the room but the teacher gave us his 4th Honor Certificate for 2nd Quarter.

I thank God for the Wisdom that He has imparted to my Children I pray that all of this continues till the end of school Year because if this happen I will not pay for Micaella’s Tuition Fee Next Year.

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2 Responses to "2nd Quarter for School Year 2006 – 2007"

astig naman, ang ganda ng start ng mga bata. at this rate, maeembed na sa personality nila ang pagigign studious at hardworking. it seems like they’re enjoying schoolwork… keep it that way and you’ll enver pay for their tuition fees till they graduate college… save for some misc. fees and books 🙂

keep on raising em well 🙂 and make sure they know that they please their parents.

Would you believe that the price I have given them for this is just a set of Color Pencil. I told them what is important is they are doing their best and we their parents appreciate it too much.

By the way we are both Mapuans.

Keep up the good work for your site it is really entertaining.

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