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Family Status Steps

Posted on: September 16, 2006


1) Request Letter for Family Status to the company for approval

a) The following should be clearly stated in the Letter

i) Ticket to be shouldered by the Company as per your Contract dates

ii) Medicine and Hospitalization should be included as per company policy

2) If approved, then advice to process the following in Philippines

a) BS Engineering – Diploma Authenticated by the Following :

i) Diploma from School

ii) DECS

iii) Malacanang

iv) DFA

v) Saudi Embassy

b) Marriage Certificate Authenticated by the Following :

i) NSO

ii) Malacanang

iii) DFA

iv) Saudi Embassy

c) Birth Certificate ( not needed but can be processed the same time should it will be needed in the future )

i) NSO

ii) Malacanang

iii) DFA

iv) Saudi Embassy

d) Passport of the Family

e) NBI Clearance of Wife

3) Send all Documents at Saudi Arabia after completion

4) Send Authenticated Documents for Arabic Translation

5) Submit Documents to Administration for Review.

6) Pay SAR 2,000 in Bank as per advise of the Administration

7) After Approval Send the documents from Administration to Philippines for Processing in Agency ( As per your Choice in Philippines )

8) Prepare Travel Documents in Philippines

a) Prepare PTA – Ticket here in Saudi Arabia

b) Medical Certificate @ Philippines for family ( usually valid only for 3 months )

c) Submit all documents to Agency for processing.

9) If you need your family to be a visitor only in Saudi Arabia make sure that when they come back to Philippines your Iqama is still valid. I would suggest applying for 2 years validity of Your Iqama. The company will only give Return Ticket when you are due vacation.

10) If you want your wife not to pay travel tax in Philippines @ PHP 3,000.00 each

a) Go to DFA ( United Nation / Kalaw ) and show your latest OEC ( Overseas Employment Certificate ) for Travel Tax exemption

b) They will pay only PHP 300 each dependent

c) Show to the airport when they are about to leave the Country.

2 Responses to "Family Status Steps"

thanks for the this informations.i’m currently processing my husband gains his family present, i’ll be submitting my documents to be authenticated at saudi embassy. may i asked how long really the process takes place let’s say i just send my documents to saudi long will i wait before to finish the processing.

thanks and good day!

Actually it depends with the liason officer of your husband office, usually tagal na 2 weeks after translation ng documents into arabic.

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