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Mica and Kyle Exam Result

Posted on: August 12, 2006

It was indeed a very good day today. I have seen the result of my son and daughter 1st Quarter examination . It was indeed a good result Kyle got all 98% on all his exam ( Total of 4 Exam ) Micaella got 100 % in 4 exam and about 95% on 3 other exam. As a father I am really happy to see how they excel on their class ( This is really because of their Mom .. he he he ) . But this means expenditures… ha ha ha ha ha.. Why because every time they got this kind of achievements as my challenge to them I have to buy something for them. Even a small thing as long as it shows how I appreciate the good grades that they got.

3 Responses to "Mica and Kyle Exam Result"

@_@ i want to get a 100% in my quizzes at school too :

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