An Expression of Myself

Happy or Sad ???????

Posted on: March 21, 2005

Do you know that you can be a happy person all through your life despite of the problems you encounter everyday. All of us have a choice to be happy or sad we just have to realize why are trials is on our way while we are walking on the path of our Life. For Example if you are a student and you are having a problem on your difficult examination, you should be very happy because you are in school and there are many children on the street who wants to go to school. If you are tired with your Job and your boss get mad at you, you should also be very happy just look on the positive side that if you don’t have job to earn a living and feed your family nobody will get mad at you. When my boss did not allow me to go to vacation with my family on my scheduled vacation due to extension of submission of project I should think on the positive side that if we don’t have project my company may tell me not to come back. So every trials on our way we have our choice to be sad or happy. For me . I choose to be happy for I know that everything works together for Good to those who love Christ and also remember that the bible tells us to strengthen in times of trouble. Always remember Pro 24:10 ( If you faint in the day of trial, your strength is small. ) . So don’t Faint show your strength is big because of your God. Have a Blessed day.

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