An Expression of Myself


Posted on: March 20, 2005

Who among each of us does not have problem? I believe that none of us is free from this am I right? I tell you why.

Problem is there to strengthen our faith to God because in every time that we overcome problem it strengthen our faith to God. That is, if you know that our God is the only one who can help us in times of troubles.

You should know also that God cannot give a problem to us it is SATAN who gives this problems, to test us how big is our faith to God. And on time that you loose faith to God Did you know that Satan is very happy. Because he again proves to God that man cannot make refuge to God. You might be interested on the story of Job of the Old Testament see how Job overcome those problems given by Satan to him and what comes after he overcome those problems. Try to find it on your bible. Remember that a bible will not be the words of God not unless you read it. It will just be an ordinary book lying around the corner of your house. Just pray to God to tell you His revelation to you

And always remember this.

Don’t tell God how big is your problem but tell your problem how big your God Is.

I pray to God that this will be a light to whoever out there that is now leaving in dark. God bless all of you.

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